Holly Young Star pageant and talent competition for boys and girls between 7 and 11 years of age.

The goal of this pageant is to feature the children’s talent. This is an excellent event for this age group, as it builds confidence and allows contestants to have the experience of being a star.

We aim to provide fun and healthy competition in this category. Each winner will be featured on our website for a year after the pageant.

We believe all applicants will benefit greatly from this competition, resulting in personal growth, enrichment for the family, and future opportunities.

The competition is based on personality, congeniality, talent show, and a fun on-stage interview. Girls will be girls and boys will be boys, but all will compete for the same title. There is no Ms. or Mr. on the title – it is simply 'Holly Young Star'.


● Title: State Holly Young Star™
● Crown and medal
● Winner trophy
● Invitation to compete for National Title
● Honor and prestige for supporting women and children around the world.  More information is available in the welcome package upon making your payment for application

National winner compensation includes:
● Title: USA Holly Young Star™
Pageant Expenses Tax break, possible scholarship based on performance
●Winner trophy
● Feature article in
Healthline+ magazine
● Sponsor-donated prizes
● Longer term benefits from the Mary-Jay organization, based on your support and patronage.
● Hollywood prospects

● Great Reference for college application
● Webpage to communicate with fans and for  publicity

● 4 figures Cash award

Program includes:
Personality, Congeniality, Talent, and Interview

Our goal is to pick the child with that Hollywood quality, and to unveil the potential of the rest.

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For assistance call 1-800-399-9681


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