Precious' Queen

Event Theme (Health Dilemma Prevention is better than Intervention)


Section Description Grading Attire
Section 1

physical fit demo on stage

We want you to demostrate to the judges what you do to stay in shape and healthy.


1 - 10

Sport Wear

Fitted short sleeves and short pant

Click here to see sample

Section 2 Unique talents or gifts

Talent                                              1- 10


Casual Wear
Section 3 You are required to dress up in one ethnic outfit from any country of your choice.  Queen is a royal honor and you will need to walk like one and look and act like one when you are in this outfit.  Custom                                              1- 10

Elegancy                    1-10

Presentation                1 -10

Narration         1 -10



Royal Presentation
Section 3

UnAdvocacy for self health, surroundings, global health

Awareness of personal health                         1 -10

 Awareness of surroundings' Health       1-10

Awareness of global health                   1 -10

Listening       1 -10

Communication  1- 10

Evening Gown

For help send email to or 1-800-399-9681;  Contestant application should be sent to 16541 Redmond Way, Ste 302C, WA 98052

16541 Redmond Way Ste 302C | Redmond, WA 98052-4482 | 1-800-399-9681
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