Omega Pageant Details

Omega Pageant is a National Fun Event for

Ages 29 and up


We love beauty and cherish women.  This organization has one thing in mind, Community.  Therefore our community of women and children is what we live on.  We want to celebrate women both young and senior.  Your beauty increase with every changing colour of your hair.  So, if you think you still got it and don't mind to shine it then apply to compete in this worthy pageant that is created to promote peace, love, health and education in our community. 


This is an opportunity for everyone.  Moms, Sisters, daughters with an awesome positive  personality deserves an awesome  recognition as well.  We will honor your beauty, genuine heart and your appreciation for women all over the world with a beautiful and unique crown together with the prizes below.


Omega Pageant Ages 29 and Up



Omega Princess winner  ages 29 - 49

Omega Queen winner ages 50 - Up

A Trophy





Other winning categories

Luxurious Prize for fundraising winner

This is a pageant for mission.   


National Event Location - SEATTLE

June- 2023  More detail to come


Guest Hotel

To Be Announce

Application Fee is $50.00



Step 1- Submit Application with your payment now!

Step 2- Optional Fundraising material is available on our shopping site

Step 2- Start to gather your competition Materials


Upon recieving your appropriate application, Welcome package will be sent to you via your email you submitted to us. 


Apply Now for this awesome title and prestige f


For assistance call 1-800-399-9681  Please see outfit options here



7241 185th Ave NE | Redmond, WA 98052  Ste 3442 | 1-800-399-9681
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