Q: What do we need to wear?. 

A:  Click on the program menu in the pageant that you are interested in to see required outfit and program

 Q; Do we need to speak? 

A; Yes, there are many speaking parts for the judges to know you and you gaining public speaking confidence.  You will be going to places and meeting community leaders and children.  So speaking clearly is very important in this program

 Q; When would I know if I am accepted or not:

A; As soon as we reach  competitive stage, we will publish it on the application to let you know that we are now searching for the best five from the interested application in your state.  Not until you see that comment on the application, all applicant will be accepted to participate.

Q; What is the dress coat and program for the 0-6 categories?

Please dress your baby up to your liking for the following categories.  We do not have dress coat rules for the babies.  Personality, Photogenic, and formal wear.  Contestant parents will be the one judging for the Congeniality except you cannot pick your own child.  We do not have a dress coat for 0-6 contestants.

Q; I am not a church goer and I can not attend church event?

This is non affiliated organization and we do our show wherever we find a reasonable price.  So think about it as going to an event  in a building with many halls.

Q; Do you have pageant in my state? 

Yes, we have pageant in every states in America.  So look at our at event schedule to find your state and event location.

Q; Can we invite people and help sell tickets?

Yes, contact us for bundle tickets and discount.  The more ticket we sell the more money we have to support your campaign.

Q; Can someone with disability compete?

Yes, Please let us know we will try our best to accommodate your needs and make you feel welcome.

Q; What is the compensation for national winner for 2010?

Well, national winner compensation for both Miss Beauty of the world and Precious' Queen are priceless.   Here are some of them. 

National winner compensation includes:

Title:  Miss Beauty of the world™

$1,000.00 cash

Scholarship toward college depends on the school and fund allocation

Feature on the front cover of Healthline+ magazine

International Trips Sponsors and escort

Amazing deals from our sponsors throughout her term.

Q; Can I pay my entry fee at the pageant?

 No, you cannot pay entry fee at the pageant, Because all contestant need to be prepared and ready.  We also have welcome package that will be sent to each contestant.   We also need to prepare for you and have all the things needed ready.

Q; Could you possibly mail out an entry form?

 Our entry form is on our website.  We encouraged All to visit the site and fill out application and send it in with the exception of 'Miss Beauty of the World' application the rest can submit online with payment.

 Q; Do all the children ages 0-6 compete against each other or are they divided into more categories?

They compete within their age group then all the 0-6 winners will be judged in one category.  Our judging method is very appropriate and fair to all ages.

Q; Do I need to have competed in other pageants in order to compete in this one?

There are many first time contestants in our pageant.  So no need to worry about previous experience.  However preparation will calm fair and make you successful.

Q; How do you dress for this type of pageant?

Please look at our album and program menu.  From there you will see dress coat

Q; Do I need to be a Citizen?

You do not have to be a citizen but you must have  legal residence to be in the pageant

Q;  If a young lady wins your pageant, is she still able to enter other pageants and keep her crown, or would she have to relinquish her title and such?

NO,  Good point she can enter any pageant she want.  We have no restriction on your achievement and desire.

Q; Is it too late to register for 2011.? 

NO, The earlier the better.  Check our application deadline to see when the event is happening in your state.  If you already miss this year, your application will be considered for next year.


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