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State and National

State and National  Pageant for ages  between 0 - and 24


This event will feature the beauty, talent, intellect, and personality of state pageant contestants. Winners of each state pageant will compete in the National Competition.


Our goal is to promote healthy living and provide a healthy competition for all contestants locally and internationally.  Opportunities for all contestants from this pageant is unlimited and the experience is cherished for a life time.  We want all our contestants to shine in their proud moment learn from each other and gain a life skill such as self-esteem, confidence, Fashion Elegant and personal enrichment to become role models for their communities. Welcome package will be sent after payment has been recieved.  Contestants age 7 - 24 will be asked to showcase their skills in these areas:


State competition is strictly online and the winner will proceed to National representing her state in her category


State Competiton Schedule

Application Deadline May 31st

Winners Announcement June 15th

Late Entrance deadline for vacant state is June 30th

Late Entrance winner Announcement July 15th


Contestants Required Activities


Age 0 - 6

Picture: 1 headshut photo, 1 full body photo, 1 photo with pj

Talent:  Development activity video clip 2 minutes long


Age 7 -24

Picture: 1 headshut photo, 1 full body photo, 1 sport wear photo

Writing: An Essay with maximum of 1000 words

Talent:  3 mininute video clip of Talent


Winners will be invited to Seattle to come and compete for National Crown on a beautiful and elegantly decorated stage.  Click below to learn about National competition.



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