This Pageant is to feature our babies in the natural beauty and innocent state.  Proud mother that braced her daughter with princess title and that is what this pageant is about.  Give the baby a memory to look back to and for some to remember.  This is what this pageant do to our baby girls.  Do you have that little girl you would like to dress up and make you laugh on stage then sign up for this worthy event.  Guess what,  the winner of the babies event will also compete at the national to win precious princess title.  All contestants will get a certificate of participation and the winner will start a troph collection at this young age.  Currently this competition is only available in the USA.



Our goal is to promote healthy living and provide a healthy competition for all contestants locally and internationally.  Opportunities for all contestants from this pageant is unlimited and the experience is cherished for a lifetime.  Upon recieving your payment, Welcome package will be sent to you via your email you submitted to us. 


We look forward to having fun with you and your beautiful baby.  Till then, have a beautiful day.



For more information, please send email to:


7241 185th Ave NE| Redmond, WA 98052-3442 | 1-800-399-9681
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