Nigeria:  Precious' Queen

Age 18 -25

Registration  $50.00 or #7,500

Event date is February 6th, 2011  see flyer for info

                               Contact Information


Your First Name

Last Name

Contact Phone #




Zip Code

Competing Year 2010 or 2011?


Physical Profile

Built:            Slim Medium Full

Hair Color:  Black Blonde Brown Other

Eyes Color: Brown Blue Other

            Sex: Female Other 


  Age   Education Level

What interest you about this competition

Are you physically able to travel if required Yes No

Have you contested before Yes NO

If yes give brief detail:


What would you like to change on this application : 


If you have the means, what would you like to do to make this world a better place to live


If you agree to comply with the rules and regulation of this pageant, please make your non refundable application fee mentioned above through paypal in US dollar and your application will be process for immediate response.  Email is needed to make payment.  If possible use email in your signature box.  To make other payment please contact Ms. Okuribido at 0803.494.9898 or Mr Famurewa at  0803-503-2275


We wish you favor!




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